Over the last 20 years as a family we have been in the dairy, sheep and arable sectors of agriculture. The name Cheshire Contracting started out as an agricultural contracting firm 20 years ago and has since developed into the company it is today. Specialising in New and Used commercial vehicles on a national scale and in more recent times branching out into specialist transport.

We are based on a small holding with a small flock of Easy Care sheep (Wiltshire Horn/Welsh Mountain). The name 'easy care' was branded to this cross breed because they shed their wool, which is the only 'easy' part to them! 

As farmers we understand the pressures and testing times that British agriculture is throwing at you on a daily basis. From neighbours complaining about your sheep eating their privet hedge, to Tesco reducing your pence per litre because almond milk is now high in demand, we know because we've been there! Which is why Cheshire Contracting aims to provide you with a straight talking, fast and honest service at an affordable price.