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Toyota Hilux 3.5 Tonne Towing Upgrade

Why Upgrade?

- Original towing capacity of 2012 - 2016 Hiluxs' is 2800 kg, this can be exclusively upgraded to 3500 kg by ourselves.

Which Vehicles are Eligible for an Upgrade?

- Toyota Hilux between 2012 to 2016

- Toyota Hilux Invincible 3.0 litre and Toyota Hilux 2.5 litre models

Not Single Cabs only 3369 kg towing after increasing to 6000kg GTW

What is the Process Needed to Upgrade?

- Installation of the 'Tow Trust' specific 3500 kg tow bar as shown in the image , Only acceptable bar is TT-9 H .

- Scanned email picture of installed tow bar are then sent to ourselves.

- Scanned email picture of V5 Registration Document.

- Scanned email Picture of current Chassis / Vin plate showing Weights.

- Paperwork is then sent off by ourselves with our 'Type Approval' documentation including fitted tow trust tow bar.

- After verification is completed of the steps above the DVSA and Toyota are notified and therefore towing capacity will be officially changed from 2800 kg to 3500 kg, legal documentation is then passed on to yourself outlining the upgrade

20180831_120128 TT9-H.jpg

How Much Does the Upgrade Cost?

- Tow Trust Tow Bar - Ring towtrust for current price .

- Paperwork and Application for Upgrade - £ 895 +Vat

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