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You can count on Cheshire Contracting to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. No job is ever too small or big so learn more about some of the equipment we can provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

This is our most recent addition to the fleet and is the most specialist trailer we have to offer. Initially built to move large pains of glass  but has been engineered to be capable of hauling the tallest machinery that is below the limits set by the government for UK bridges and overpasses. Most commonly used for reach trucks and access equipment but has also been used for automated machinery with low ground clearance and high sensitivity (please see the video below for example).There is no other trailer type in the country that has a smaller loading height.

  • inner bed width 1.55m/61inches

  • above inner wheel arches 1.69m/66.5inches

  • inner bed length 7.7m/25ft'3inches 

  • 23tonnes max carry weight

  • trailer weight when empty 9280kg

  • loads of up to 4.67m/15'4ft to transport at 4.93m/16ft2inches on the road

Glass Trailer 

Recovery Unit

A unique trailer initially used for the transportation of forklifts but in more recent times used for the recovery of immobile machinery which require assistance from the built in winch. The 9 tonne tail lift makes it the ideal trailer for this as it has minimal loading gradient compared to the more common trailers with a rear ramp. Offering a safer and more efficient option during loading. Rather than the standard curtain sided trailers, the solid sides reduces the risk of in transit losses of loads and thefts. Making it not only the perfect recovery trailer but useful for those high value loads. 

  • Due to the retractable roof, loads of up to 4m/13'2ft 

  • Tail lift capacity of 9 tonnes 

  • Width 94inches 

  • Lower bed length 9.45m/372inches 

  • Upper bed length 3.56m/140inches 

2ft Bed

A multipurpose material handling machinery transport trailer. Used for the haulage of reach trucks but also used for various other machinery. The Curtain sides makes it more versatile, enabling potential side loading and is also fitted with a built in winch. This trailer runs on stub axels which reduces the loading gradient and on road running height. The retractable roof makes it the ideal trailer to move taller machinery but also offers a weather proofed trailer for shorter loads. 

  • Trailer height is 4.3m/14'2ft

  • Can take loads of up to 4.3m/14'2ft with a a transport height of 4.9m/16'2ft

  • Width between wheel arches 1.7m/68inches 

  • Lower bed length 9.22m/363inches 

  • Trailer ULW: 14420kg

Work Portfolio 

Below is multiple examples of other work we have completed and various projects we have been involved in. This ranges from tanker work, emergency call out work through various water boards, exporting of heavy goods equipment and general traction only work.