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Toyota Hilux Invincible Rear Replacement LED Lights

​Pair £ 220+VAT

Passenger £ 90+VAT

Drivers £ 140 +VAT

  • Hilux Models 2016 to present

  • Replacement lights for Invincible and Invincible X

  • Upgrade from standard invincible and active lights/bulbs to top model Invincible X LEDs and bulbs

  • Free and fast UK nationwide postage

  • Call 07568 386 348

Nudge Bar 3
Nudge Bar 2
Nudge Bar

Stainless Steel Nudge Bar £ 450 +VAT

  • Specific to the Toyota Hilux 2021

  • EC certified for European use - Fully compliant

  • 63MM  Stainless Steel Tube

  • Front Protection

  • EC Certified

  • Available in black 

BF Tyres (1)
8in Light Bar (1)

BF Goodrich All Terrain Tyres

Tougher sidewalls that resist splitting

Aggressive all-terrain traction

A thicker, extended shoulder shield protects the core

Stainless Side Steps
Stainless side steps 3
Stainless side steps 2

Stainless Steel Side Steps £ 495 +VAT

  • Specific to Toyota Hilux Double Cab

  • Mirror polished stainless steel tube

Fitted Lightbars

8in Light Bar (3)
8in Light Bar (5)
8in Light Bar (4)

Aurora Custom Grill Light Bars
Available in 8" and 10"

  • Single row spot pattern

  • Small and compact

  • Will fit most models, pictured on a 2020 Toyota Hilux Invincible X

  • DRL light integrated with vehicle running lights

Lazer Lights
18 Toy Hil Black Single (4)_edited

Lazer Triple R4 R750 Grill Light Bars
£ 595 

The combination of 4 high density 11W LEDs combined with ultra reflective, vacuum-metallised optics, deliver 1 lux to 393m, with a spread of light in the mid-long range which makes low-light and night-time driving a much safer more pleasurable experience.

Canopies & Load Covers

Accessories Colour Coded 2
Accessories Colour Coded 1

Colour Coded Canopy £ 1,995 +VAT
+ Central Locking   £ 195 +VAT (Optional)

  • Dark tinted pop-out style side windows – allows additional ventilation

  • Central locking using the cars existing key fob (optional)

  • Dark tinted e-marked side and rear door glass

  • Sliding front bulkhead window - allows for easy cleaning & additional ventilation for dogs

  • LED interior light

Tow Bar Accesories 5
Tow Bar Accesories 4
Tow Bar Accesories 2
Tow Bar Accesories 3
Roll Top Accesories

Mountain Top £ 1,950 +VAT
+ Roll Bars £ 400 +VAT

Mountain Top Roll Top, provides a secure cover to your trucks load bed area.

Made from durable lightweight aluminium.

Also available in Silver.

Utillity top (10)
Utillity top (7)
Utillity top (30)
Utillity top (28)
Utillity top (20)
Utillity top (19)
Utillity top (21)
Utillity top (10)
Live Canopy (1)
Live Canopy (3)
Live Canopy (2)
Roll Draws 1
Roll Draws 2
Roll Draws 3

Roller Drawers With Sliding Floor £ 1,850 +VAT

  • Rhino board covered sliding floor

  • 6 adjustable tie down eyes

  • 100Kg carrying capacity

  •  The twin drawers have the following features;

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Lockable and fully secure

Underseal 2

Wax Oyl Rust Protection £ 250 +VAT

​Rustproofing for cars. Forms a flexible weatherproof skin which kills old rust and prevents new rust forming. Applied to areas where water is likely to collect.

Heavy duty utility black steel top £ 1,450 +VAT

  • Hydraulic struts on rear and side doors

  • Tinted glass on front and rear

  • Fully secure and lockable

  • Roof storage rated up to 250kg


+Tool compartments/ storage pockets on side doors


Toyota Hilux double cab 2016+ in stock

Aluminium Livestock Canopy £ 650 +VAT

  • Hydraulic strut on rear door

  • Fitted Anti rub and Foam to protect bed and cab


+ Solid locking rear doors 

+ Side opening doors  


Load Liner £ 245 +VAT

  • Made of premium grade High-Density-Polyethylene (HDPE); robust yet flexible.

  • Provides the highest level of protection for your valued truck bed

  • Light weight and durable; withstands excessive forces and is scratchproof


Ladder Rack Toyota Hilux Invincible £ 350 +VAT

Pick-Up Ladder Rack /Cab Guard by Samson Heavy Duty pick up truck cab rear window guard

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